Professional Women’s Group

Keeping a job can be a challenge for anyone. These programs focus on helping you remain employed, providing you with strategies to nurture your professional growth. We want to ensure you feel more stable in your career and in your ability to develop your professional skills.

Having completed the crucial first step—securing employment—women in these programs focus on retaining their jobs and developing their professional skills. Our goal is to ensure each woman is moving towards meaningful and sustainable careers as well as financial independence.

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What is PWG?

Once a client has gone through our suiting program, they are invited to join our Professional Women’s Group – or PWG. On the third Wednesday of each month (except for July and August) our PWG members gather to network and reconnect with others, work on their personal and professional development, participate in interactive skill-based workshops and engage with an expert speaker.

To ensure that we continue to provide a wide range of valuable programming, we try to ensure our meetings are focused around our five pillars:

  1. Financial planning
  2. Health & wellness
  3. Work/life balance
  4. Leadership & civic responsibility
  5. Workplace etiquette

Why join PWG?

  • Gain a support system as you transition into the workforce.
  • Develop the skills you need to face workforce challenges.
  • Share, grow, and network with other women in a comfortable and safe place.
  • Have time once a month that is about focusing on YOU – your career goals, your dreams, and your new friendships!